Premium Turkey Sticks (Truthahn Sticks) Partially moist treat

Premium Turkey Sticks (Truthahn Sticks) 350g (1 Piece)
Premium Turkey Sticks (Truthahn Sticks) 350g (1 Piece)
Premium Turkey Sticks (Truthahn Sticks) 350g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 350g
6.90 €
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A part-dried, part-moist treat that will make your pet’s mouth water.

The Premium Sticks have a moisture content of approx. 16 % meaning they are soft and easy to consume. 

Premium Turkey Sticks are prepared using the best raw ingredients and immediately vacuum packed following production.

The inclusion of turkey ensures high acceptance among dogs and gives the Premium Sticks their special flavour.

  • no colourings
  • no flavour enhancers
  • vacuum packed

For all of our treats, we make sure that no colourings and no flavour enhancers are used. The colour of the sticks is therefore subject to small fluctuations.



At least 47 % meat and other animal products (85 % chicken, 15 % turkey), cereals, glycerine, glucose


Rosemary as antioxidant, calcium sorbate

Best before

Once the package is open, the Sticks dry out with 1-2 weeks. The Sticks become harder but this has no effect on the quality of the product. The Sticks can also be used as treats after they have hardened.

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

Vacuum sealed packed with 25 pieces,
approx. 350 g


What our clients say

Baby (Übergewicht) Leroy (Augenringe) Finchen liebt unsere Snacks Buddy hat keinen Hautausschlag mehr Unser Knut liebt sie. Premium Truthahn Sticks als Betthupferl
Die Verdauung ist viel besser geworden Ein Happs und weg ists Truthahnsticks und Hähnchenmägen sind Top Bonnie liebt alles von Anifit.