RySlim crema Green coffee with medicinal fungi

RySlim crema 30 Stk à 7g (1 Piece)
RySlim crema 30 Stk à 7g (1 Piece)
RySlim crema 30 Stk à 7g (1 Piece)
RySlim crema 30 Stk à 7g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 30 Stk à 7g
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Caffeinated nutrition supplements with coffee extract

The following vital substances will help you to achieve your desired weight:

  1. Green coffee: rich in chlorogenic acid which slows the uptake of sugar into the bloodstream. Sudden hunger pangs can be avoided thanks to this modified progression of the blood glucose curve.
  2. Ling zhi: The king of the medicinal mushrooms also has a positive influence on blood sugar regulation, among other things.
  3. Maitake: This medicinal mushroom has a positive effect on the body’s ability to metabolise fat.
  4. Chitosan: is an intensive, plant-based “binding agent” which absorbs both fats and heavy metals to remove them from the body
  5. Amino acids: to promote muscle growth

Weight loss is guaranteed thanks to the comprehensive RySlim® concept. RySlim offers a money-bank guarantee. Find out more at www.ryslim.com.


The electronic food diary is also available to all RySlim customers. This allows you to track your eating habits and manage them accordingly.


Tear open the sachet along the perforation, empty the contents of one measuring cup (7g) into a mug and add approx. 150ml of hot (but not boiling) water, stir thoroughly and enjoy.


Whole milk powder, Arabica coffee extract (25%), soya protein isolate, Sukrin, cocoa, green coffee extract (5%), ling zhi extract (3%), maitake extract (3%), malt coffee, fig coffee, chitosan

Nutritional values


Per 100g

Per Cup


1.592 kJ
378 kcal

111 kJ
27 kcal

of which sugars

41,7 g
12,2 g

2,9 g
0,9 g

of which saturated fats

8,4 g
6,4 g

0,6 g
0,4 g


0,4 g

0,0 g


11,7 g

0,8 g

Product information

Pack of 30 sachets, 7g each - total 210g

210g can

Store in a cool and dry location

Made in Austria

Produced for

Provital GmbH

82024 Taufkirchen, Rotwandweg 5a